SDPlains High-Speed Internet

Multiplying devices are one reason West River Cooperative Telephone Company (WRCTC) is hopping up to higher Internet speeds! With the increase of wireless devices in many households, this increase is necessary to ensure our members are satisfied with their Internet experiences. To accommodate everyone from the average Internet user to the advanced gamer, WRCTC developed different Internet packages.

Speed 10/1 15/2 20/3 10/10 15/15 20/20 40/40
Price $41 $51 $61 $61 $71 $81 $121

Speeds are displayed as download and upload. For instance, 10/1 means 10 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed. Subscriber will be allocated bandwidth up to the bandwidth in the package selected. Speeds are maximum only and not guaranteed.

If you currently have Fiber-in-the-Loop (FITL) technologies, we will attempt to increase your speed as much as possible; however, the technology will not allow us to deliver 10 Mbps to all FITL customers. Therefore, you may experience higher speeds, but these new prices will not take affect until your service is upgraded to Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology and we can guarantee you are receiving these speeds.

Wireless Hardware Prices:
Wireless Router: $75

24/7 FREE Internet Technical Support 888-464-9513

$3.00 Additional e-mail addresses

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