What is DSL Internet?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is an “always on” high speed internet option that uses a portion of your phone line but still allows you make and receive phone calls while you are using the internet.

What is included with your DSL Internet Access?

DSL internet access includes one email account, 10 MB web storage, email spam & virus filter and 24/7 LIVE technical support (888-464-9513).

What is a web browers?

A web browser is the software which you use to look at web pages on the Internet. The most popular web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (MAC).

How do I sign up for your DSL Internet access?

Signing up is easy! Simply give us a call at 605-244-5213 or 777 (toll-free within WRCTC’s service territory), or you may fill out this form and submit it to us! Please include a phone number where we may reach you.

I cannot get online. What do I do?

Don’t panic, we are here to help you. Please contact our 24/7 Help Desk by dialing 1-888-464-9513.

Can I still receive phone calls if I am online.

Yes, DSL only uses a portion of your phone line so you will still be able to make and receive phone calls while you are online.

What is dialup Internet?

Dialup Internet is a method of connecting to the Internet using a 56k modem to “dial” your Internet Service Provider (ISP) over a standard telephone line. With dialup Internet, you are not able to make or receive phone calls unless you have two phone lines. If you have trouble connecting to your dial up Internet or it keeps disconnecting, please contact our 24/7 Help Desk by dialing 1-888-464-9513.

How do I get wireless Internet access?

If you currently have DSL Internet, you may purchase a wireless router from WRCTC. If you are interested in wireless access, please contact us at 777 or 605-244-5213. You may also fill out this form and submit it to us. Please include a phone number where we may reach you.

How do I set up my email account?

Contact our Help Desk at 1-888-464-9513 for assistance setting up your email.

What are your mail server settings?

The incoming mail server is: pop.sdplains.com

The outgoing mail server is: mail.sdplains.com or smtp.sdplains.com*

*To use smtp.sdplains.com, outgoing authentication is required. Contact our Help Desk at 1-888-464-9513 for assistance.

How can I check my email?

You can use our Webmail service to check your email from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Otherwise, you have a few different options if you wish to set up an email client or email software, such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Mac Mail. If you currently have one of these applications installed on your computer, you may contact our Help Desk at 1-888-464-9513 and they will assist you setting up your account. However, the webmail product is available for your convenience.

Can I still use Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or any other free web-based email?

Yes. We do provide email accounts with all of our Internet access accounts; however that does not prevent you from accessing any of the other free web-based email services. If you choose to utilize your sdplains email account through WRCTC, you will receive several added benefits including a monthly eNewsletter and virus and spam updates.

I am having difficulty sending an email. What do I do?

If you are using an email client or software such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Mac Mail, you may have the incorrect settings for sending mail. To verify these settings, please contact our Help Desk at 888-464-9513. If a specific email will not send, it may have violated one of the rules of our outgoing email filter. If you are having issues with a particular email, please contact our Help Desk at 888-464-9513.

What are your outgoing email filter rules?

Our outgoing mail system uses a set of rules to determine if the mail should be let through or not. Mail will be blocked if: 1. You try to connect to the mail server more than 50 times in 30 minutes. 2. You try to send to more than 200 recipients in 1 email. 3. The message you sent was larger than 40MB. 4. Your connection is being blocked due to an abuse complaint. 5. The person you are sending to has been banned due to an abuse complaint.

Someone tried to send me a message but I did not receive it. Why?

Here are some possible reasons for not receiving messages: 1. Your mailbox is full. 2. The email was caught in your virus or spam filter. 3. The sender’s email may have been blocked by their ISP’s filter. 4. The sender may have mistyped your email address.

How do I adjust my spam and virus filter settings?

The filter can be accessed by clicking here and logging into your email through the webmail program. Once logged into your account, click on the “Email Filter” link located in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Then click on My Settings in the upper right corner of the filter page.

How can I find out about new email scams?

WRCTC offers an extensive database examples of actual email phishing scams or attempts to deliver a virus via email. Stay up-to-date on these scams by visiting ISPAlerts regularly.

I think one of the emails I have received is spam or may contain a virus. What should I do?

If you receive any suspicious email, you may forward the email message to support@ispalerts.com to inform others about such scams. If you believe you have received spam or an email that is “phishing” for important private information, please do not reply to the email or open any attachments. Spammers use dozens of tricks to get through email filters that block messages containing frequently used spam words. Monday is the busiest day of the week for email spam, and Saturday the quietest. Our best defense is to stay up to date and aware of the threats, choose secure passwords, upgrade existing insecure passwords, and be alert for attempts via email or a web page to force a download of unknown software, or divulge personal information.

What is Vipre Antivirus?

VIPRE offers the right mix of security technology for the best protection available. With VIPRE you no longer have to choose from numerous products all labeled with the latest tech buzz words. We’ve removed the guesswork by ensuring VIPRE has everything you need to stay protected online. VIPRE is your comprehensive Internet protection solution. VIPRE products simplify the technology experience for computer users by providing expert support and unmatched customer service.

I am having trouble installing Vipre. What do I do?

If you are having trouble, please contact our 24/7 Help Desk by dialing 1-888-464-9513 and they will assist you in the installation process.

For any billing questions, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Department.

If you are calling from a WRCTC telephone line, you can simply dial 777. You may also dial 605-244-5213 or use our contact page to send us an email and we will respond to your question as quickly as possible.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please let us know. You may contact us using the form on the contact page or you may call us at 777 (toll-free from any WRCTC landline) or 605-244-5213.

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